Thursday, 22 November 2012

Donations on behalf of the winning bidders(Charity Auction) Batch 2

This is the second batch of dresses donated on behalf of the winning bidders in the first Charity Auction for Dress A Girl Australia last Nov 2-7, 2012. Sorting and identifying which bidder donated which dresses was easy as I actually made all these dresses and pairs of shorts specifically for the charity auction. In fact, I had one extra dress with no item to go with so have decided that I will be giving the dress as an additional donation on behalf of my mum who made a bid for 2 dresses.

This second batch of dresses and pairs of shorts are for the following donors and bidders -
1) Donor - Doris Beatty               Winner - my mum Jolly Nelly Sun
My mum donated the dresses she bid for to Dress A Girl Australia
Dresses donated on behalf of my mum
Extra dress donated on behalf of my mum

2) Donor - Kikay Designs                Winner - Amy Richens

3) Donor - Soft Treasures             Winner - Dreamers Market

4) Donor - Soft Treasures              Winner - Fabi Sun

5) Donor - Linda Smyth                 Winner - Jo Kelly

6) Donor - Dress A Girl Australia       Winner - Rachel Platt

7) Donor - Doris Beatty                     Winner - Rafaelita Joan Wolf

8) Donor - Deborah Parish                Winner - Rose Preston
The last batch of dresses and donors and winners will be coming up very soon. Thank you to all the donors and the winning bidders. Thank you for your support.

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