Saturday, 18 May 2013

Last Donation on behalf of the winning bidders(Charity Auction-November 2012) Batch 4

Wow! This is actually a big surprise and the girl who is going to receive and wear this dress is probably the luckiest girl in the world for this dress has been lost and now is found. Dress was donated by Christie Sturre of Joyfoolery on behalf of Rachel Platt a winning bidder of the Charity Auction held last November 2012.
This dress has been reported in the postoffice as lost but after almost 6 months it found its way last week to my postal box. Whatever happened to it between November of last year until last week does not matter but what matters is it has been found and is going to dress another girl around the world.

Thank you to Christie for donating the dress on behalf of  Rachel Platt and whoever found this parcel and sent it to its rightful owner thank you. Much appreciated.

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